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Why athletes in Arizona use intravenous hydration.

Hydration is essential for good health and athletic performance. It’s particularly important for people exercising outside in hot weather. An IV can supply the nutrients and fluids athletes need to stay well and play hard.

IV Fluids for Football Players

A study was conducted on college football teams to determine the reason for using pre-game intravenous fluid therapy. The study found that most college teams used IV fluids to help prevent cramps, to avoid dehydration, and to increase player endurance. College athletes were found to use this therapy for similar reasons as those used by professional football teams.

The hot weather in Arizona makes football players feel even hotter. One reason is that they begin their practices in the middle of summer and practice in the hottest part of the year. Football pads and uniforms make them feel even hotter.

On average, Arizona basketball teams fail to protect their athletes from heat illnesses. Good news is that coaches and players can be proactive in avoiding heat illness, muscle cramps and dehydration. Adequate hydration is key to avoiding heat-related illnesses.

Because athletes are just like anyone else, they should drink a sufficient amount of fluids to avoid getting dehydrated. If you start out the day with a loss of more than 3% of your body weight, you should seek medical advice. Signs of dehydration include dark urine or a loss of more than 3% of your body weight after practice or a game. These are indications that you might need IV hydration to recover fluids and minerals lost from sweating during practice.

IV fluid therapy has proven effective for recovering athletes from overtraining syndrome and other performance-compromising conditions. By using the right fluids and devices, you don’t have to miss practice or game time. Instead, we’ll come to you to help you and your teammates receive IV hydration to feel restored and to recover from dehydration.

Intravenous Therapy for Athlete Performance

Being dehydrated during exercise may be linked to poor performance. In a study of competitive cyclists, those who lost more than 2% of their body weight did worse than those who had less dehydration. Even though these cyclists didn’t know how much they had lost in fluid, those who became dehydrated were unable to keep up with others. Those who became dehydrated may not know that they need to drink enough water or sports drinks to compensate for their fluid losses to avoid performance degradation.

Drinking enough fluid to compensate for the loss of minerals and water through sweating is important for athletes, especially in the summer. Following thirst as a guide to drinking does not work during high-intensity workouts. Therefore, athletes may not get enough fluids if they rely solely on thirst. Consequently, athletes may become dehydrated.

In hot weather, the body works harder to keep cool by pumping more blood to the skin and evaporation. Sweat is a product of this increased blood flow to the skin. However, if you don’t drink enough water to produce sweat, you can’t cool yourself and you will get dehydrated. If you don’t drink enough to avoid dehydration, you will lose fluid in your urine and stool. This leads to a higher body temperature and less

Without proper hydration, a drop in athletic performance can occur and the athlete can suffer from heat illness. To help you and your team recover from tough workouts or after a game, you can rely on our IV service to deliver a saline-based hydration solution with any additives you choose to help correct fluid and mineral balances. We can deliver this solution anywhere you practice or play, including sports facilities, arenas, or stadiums.

IV therapy in Arizona for muscle recovery 

Training in the heat can cause muscle cramps, especially if you’re doing strenuous exercise. Exercising in extreme heat can lead to mineral imbalances in the body. An IV solution with electrolytes can ease muscle cramps and mineral imbalances in athletes who experience them. People who suffer from severe sodium losses may also benefit from an IV solution with sodium chloride.

Cramps are a common complaint in hot weather. When cramps occur in the muscles, dehydration of the body can be the cause. If this condition isn’t treated, it can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke as the body struggles to cool down in a dehydrated state. Drinking plenty of fluids can prevent cramps or ease them. 

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